Loan Shop Instant Payday Loan up to R2500

Loan Shop Instant Payday Loan available up to R2500 with a maximum 35 days to pay back. Apply Now and get approved in hours. Interest rate is 0.17% per day.

Isidingo Financial Services has its Head Office situated in the Sunnypark shopping centre in Sunnyside, Pretoria. The management and staff have many years practical experience in the micro finance industry and can assist you with great advice, before you take a Loan Shop Instant Payday Loan. Isidingo is the name you can trust when it comes to ethical business practices.

The company is registered with the NCR (National Credit Regulator) and complies fully with the National Credit Act and its Regulations. A full affordability check is also done on each client, before we grant a loan, to make sure that the client can afford the repayment.

Our clients have the option to visit our branch, situated on the 4th floor in Sunnypark Shopping Centre, on the corner of Esselen & Jeppe streets, Sunnyside, Pretoria, or they can use our website, to do secure transactions from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Are you stuck in a situation where you need cash NOW and your next payday is still some time away?

We can help you right now with a short-term loan, to bridge the gap until your next payday!

  • Apply online for Loan Shop Instant Payday Loan. It is fast and easy and we will pay the money directly into your bank account, today!
  • Your loan is repayable, on your first payday.
  • We do small loans from R500 up to R2500, over a one month period.
  • We are a responsible lender and will make sure that you can afford your loan.
  • We will do a proper affordability assessment with you to make sure that you can easily repay your loan.
  • The duration of your loan can differ in days, according to the period to your first payday. Interest is calculated per day for the period that you take the loan for and interest and all fees are charged in regulation with the National Credit Act.
  • We comply fully with the National Credit Act and its regulations and are a member of the MFSA

Why use Loan Shop Instant Payday Loan?

1. We are Super Fast!
We make use of the latest technology to get you an answer immediately!

2. Paid into your Bank Account
We pay your Loan Shop Instant Payday Loan into your bank account so that it’s available within hours.

3. Its all online!
The entire loan application is done electronically, no paperwork!

Terms, Conditions and Fees of Loan Shop Instant Payday Loan

Service fee of R50.00 per month
Initiation fee 15% on first R1000.00, thereafter 10% on the value above R1000.00, to a max of R1000.00
Interest rate 0.17% per day (5% per month or 60% annually)
Our sliders include Credit Life Insurance of 1% of Capital + Initiation fee + interest. Thus in the case of retrenchment or disability, your loan is paid in full.
In the case of death your loan will be paid in full and your family will receive R5000 as benefit!
Credit life insurance is compulsory on our loans to protect you, but you are welcome to supply us with your own credit life insurance should you not want our product
Interest & Fees calculated as on the regulations set out in Chapter 5 of the NCA no.34 of 2005

Non payment procedures of Loan Shop Instant Payday Loan

Loan Shop Instant Payday Loan is a responsible lender. We do affordability assessments before granting a loan. It is therefor your responsibility to ensure there are enough funds available on the agreed payment date as this will ensure the agreed terms remain the same. Should payments decline we will do our best to contact you on that day. (Your own bank charges may apply).

We will try and resolve the payment issue within a reasonable manner through our collections team however interest and fees may apply if payment date is missed. If your financial situation has changed we can discuss alternative plans. We will not continue to hit / debit your account but after 90 days the account is passed onto our external collectors. Such an outstanding amount will be reported to the relevant credit bureaus, which will remain on your credit record. We will also not be able to lend to you again should this happen.

Contact Details of Loan Shop Instant Payday Loan

Telephone Number 012 440 9111
Fax number: 012 440 5777
E-mail address:

Physical Address of Loan Shop Instant Payday Loan

4th Floor, Sunnypark Shopping Centre
c/o Esselen & Jeppe streets

Loan Shop Instant Payday Loan fast easy and reliable cash into your pocket!