Emergency Loans Bad Credit

Mzansi Micro Finance Bad Credit Loans upt to R10000 in South Africa

Mzansi Micro Finance Bad Credit Loans provides loans in the range between R1000 and R10 000. Apply Now whether you are blacklisted or not. Flexible Repayment Terms Being blacklisted does not disqualify anyone from obtaining a Personal loan or Micro loan from Mzansi Micro Finance Bad Credit Loans. Every loan is evaluated individually. A Consumer therefore […]

Lifeline Debt Solutions for all Debt Consolidation in South Africa

Lifeline Debt Solutions South Africa is a Permanent Solution to your Debts? Lifeline Debt Solutions offers solutions and advice as First AID in your financial matters. Find Out Now! Debt is quickly becoming an epidemic affecting people of all incomes and backgrounds and when it comes to the workplace, can result in low morale, increased stress levels, creditor’s calls to […]

Vehicle Finance for ITC Blacklisted People

Vehicle Finance up to R200 000! is available for ITC Blacklisted Listed Clients that have judgement and even garnishing orders on their salaries. Apply Now! 72 Hours to Approve! 80% Success Rate! on all Vehicle Finance Loans 100% Success rate for government employees!!! Gallardo Finance Corporation offers up to R250 000 in Vehicle Finance for […]

Legal Loans

Loans for Bad Credit of between R2,000 up to R150,000 Available. Legal Loans assist people blacklisted or not to acquire such loans in no time. Apply Now! At Legal Loans we are committed to our name, we assist in helping you find a personal loan and we provide you legal and ID fraud protection. Now […]

DebtLab loans for the blacklisted

Debtlab loans assists you to secure loans even if you are blacklisted and put you  back on your feet. Apply Now They have the ability and knowledge to negotiate with many renowned lenders on your behalf to find the best deal for you, and secure quick and hassle free loan approvals. Based on your details, they […]

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